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Bar Accessories

Field Bar

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A home bar is incomplete without exquisite furniture and we at Home Bars had just the idea when we began providing our customers with the best bar furniture in Australia. Every bar furniture at Home Bars is designed to perfection with the aim to make your homes look more charming and inviting.

Bar stand

If you love the modern look of open bars, bar stands are apt for you. With a stand that offers you the space to keep your liquor bottles and other bar accessories in, you can have it placed against a corner or, perhaps, place it in the middle of the room as the guest of honor during all of your parties and fun nights.

Bar counter

For those of you who love entertaining often, a bar counter is a must in order to best serve the attendees. You can even have a fun night with each of you ‘managing the bar’ and creating your own dance floor for a funky vibe.

Bar cabinet

Home BARS has amazing display cabinets in Melbourne for sale that you can store your stash of liquor in. Ideal for holding wine holders as well as all the other bar accessories like glassware and ice buckets, these bar cabinets are perfect in homes with children or pets. With cabinets being closed when not in use, you can keep all of your things protected with zero chance of anything being damaged.

Types of available bar furniture online at Home Bars

Home Bars has a wide range of bar furniture in Melbourne for you to choose from in order to fit your tastes as well as your home decor. From space-saving options to ones that are stylish and modern, you can be sure to find one that resonates with your preference just right. Take a look at some of the things we offer to you!

Glass Furniture

Glass is usually the foremost option for everyone who wishes to install a home bar in their homes. At Home Bars, you can find a grand collection of glass furniture that will surely be of use to you every time you need a drink. From the bar cabinet to bar accessories, you can find it all here at Home BARS in the most stunning designs.

Wooden Furniture

Vintage and elegant, the best wooden bar furniture can be found online at Home BARS. You can find the best wooden bar cabinet in Melbourne with us that range from being purely wooden to having additions of other elements that make it more charming to behold.

Cast iron accessories

While wood and glass have been popular choices, cast iron accessories such as a wine holder are equally gorgeous additions that can make your home bar look stunning.

Wall-mounted shelves

A great option for those looking to save space in their homes, wall-mounted shelves are perfect options. These not only take less space but also act as perfect modern bar cabinets to add to your abode.

Shelves with LED lights

Home BARS offers a wonderful collection of modern bar cabinets that take trend into account. Apart from using exquisite designs that are chic and popular, you can also find home bar furniture with LED lights on them that help make every party of yours a glitzy affair!

Marble Furniture

There is no denying that marble tops look classy. At Home BARS, you can find stylish bar counters for your modern home bar that are on par with your tastes and preferences. A perfect blend, these bar stands are made using the finest wood and marble to form a beautiful addition for your home.

Foldable Furniture

The best thing about modern furnishings is that it takes modern-day problems into account too. Space constraint can safely be considered the most vital problem that everyone unfortunately struggles to deal with. The display cabinets for sale at Home Bars for your very own home bar are also available in foldable designs wherein you can fold it and keep it out of the way when you don’t need it.
Browse through our collection if you are on the hunt for cheap bar furniture that is exquisite and elegant at the same time.