Designing a Luxury Home Bar for an Interior Design Project with HomeBARS Furniture & Decor.

As social creatures, we thrive in the company of others, and creating a social space within our homes has become increasingly important. A home bar is a popular addition to any home entertainment space, providing an area to enjoy drinks and socialize with family and friends. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, a well-designed home bar is a great way to achieve it.

At HomeBARS Furniture & Decor, we specialize in innovative home bar designs that seamlessly integrate into any living space. In this blog, we’ll share expert advice on designing a luxury home bar that fits your interior.

Location, location, location!

First things first, the home bar must fit seamlessly into your living space. It should be located in an area where people naturally congregate without crowding walkways or other entertainment zones. Careful consideration of scale is key to achieving this.

Classic Back Bar Design

If you have a back wall available, constructing a classic back bar with space to display and create refreshments is essential. The back bar can feature bespoke glass-fronted cabinets or open display apertures to showcase glamorous bottles and glasses. An inbuilt dual-temperature wine cooler will create the perfect conditions for your evening refreshment. These coolers come in all shapes and sizes and can be accommodated within the front bar if electrical points are available.

TV Screens and Bespoke Design

In more limited spaces, the back bar can be quite shallow if it doesn’t need to accommodate fridges. We often incorporate TV screens between the back bar storage space too so our private clients can play music videos to suit the mood, enjoy sporting events, or relax in the comfort of their favourite films.

Materials for Home Bars

The materials used for your home bar can be diverse and selected based on personal taste and desired finish.

Joinery framework can incorporate soothing backlit translucent materials, upholstered printed leather panels to add texture and softness, beveled mirror insets for the illusion of depth, hand-finished eglomise panels depicting intricate scenes, or a tactile wall covering for drama – the options are endless! At HomeBARS Furniture & Decor, we have designed a number of bespoke front bars featuring incredible bone inlay panels.

Practicality and Durability

In a space where acidic ingredients and spillages may occur, opt for practical materials for furnishings that can withstand wear and tear. Countertops must also be formed from durable materials such as granite, quartz, porcelain, toughened glass, or treated marble.

Functionality is key to designing a luxury home bar that fits your interior. At HomeBARS Furniture & Decor, we offer a range of home bar designs that are both functional and luxurious. From classic back bars to bespoke front bars, we can help you create the perfect home bar that complements your living space. Contact us today to find out more.

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