Various styles in Wine Racks from Home BARS Furniture & Decor

Home BARS Furniture & Decor gives their customers various selections of wine racks in  different shapes, sizes & styles. This helps the customers to choose from how many bottles they want to store and where they want to display them.  Few bottles can be stored at arms length in their Kitchen or in the Bar very accessible any time. For wine collectors to showcase and store their collection they need a wine cellar or combination of styles and sizes of wine racks to display in different fashion. For this reason Home Bar Furniture has different styles of wine racks which hold solutions to wine storage needs.

Table Top Wine Rack

Small Wine Racks are compact and look elegant, can display  your wine bottles on table top, buffet or kitchen slab with modern, stackable, sustainable wine racks from Home BARS. Our premium and affordable wine racks will suit most home decor.

Modular wine racks

Then there are modular wine racks or component wine rack storage, these look great and can store more wines with the facility to form a rudimentary wine cellar design by combining multiple wine racks together. 

Wall mounted wine racks

There are also wall mounted wine racks to keep the wine rack off the floor and take up less space. Wall mounted wine racks come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed over the wall or according to your space requirement.

Standing Wine Racks and Floor Wine Racks

https://www.homebars.com.au/wine-racks/Standing wine racks are great for wine enthusiasts and people who love to entertain. A beautiful standing wine rack is like a status symbol for your home. Free standing wine racks are very good for wine collectors  as maintaining your wine collection  wine must be stored on its side to maintain its flavor while it finishes the maturing process.

Bar Cabinets with built in Wine Racks

Bars with built in wine rack are also options for those who want to have storage for wines plus love to store scotch, whisky and other alcohol beverages. These Wine bar cabinets come in various sizes and are very elegant to display in home and entertain family and friends.

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